Handling Instructions

Our jewelry is made very delicately. Please be sure not to drop or hit it or put too much pressure on it. Also, we highly recommend that you take it off when you cook, do the dishes, take a bath, go to bed, or do sports.

Base metal such as gold, silver, and platinum can get scratched or tarnished during use. Please periodically polish our product with a jewelry cleaner.
Please note: if the surface of the product is processed with coating, polishing it with a cloth or cleaner might cause damage to the texture.

A silver product may get tarnished black through chemical reactions with moisture or sulfur content in the air or cosmetics. Please refrain from wearing it for a long time and leaving it with moisture on its surface. After use, please clean and polish it with a soft cloth and store it in a dry condition while putting it in a small plastic bag or wrapping it in a cloth to prevent it from exposing to air.

Precious stones can get damaged with hit and may fall off when stricken or caught in a fiber of clothes. Furthermore, Delicate materials such as pearl, emerald, opal, turquoise, and
white-lipped oyster shells might get tarnished or dulled through chemical reactions with sweat, chemicals, cosmetics, or perfume. When using a jewelry cleaner, please be sure to read the handling instructions carefully.